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Challenging to become NGO in Cebu

Lito and I went to SECiSecurity, Exchange Commisionj and DSWD(Department of Social Welfare and Development), to get information about necessary procedures to set up new NGO in Cebu.

Necessary Documents don't seem so hard to prepare, Nomination fee is just about 2,000 Peso, which is reasonable but the thing is they needed us to bond 1 million Peso in the bank account.

I was carefully examining the documents several times hoping that I had misread the number of 10,000Peso, which was just my hope in vain.

OK, forget about making NGO for now until we win a lottery of something.

What is good about being a NGO anyway? Same as Japan that we can be socially recognised and easy to get donation and protected by law?

Yes, if we are a NGO in Cebu our children get a better priority on a waiting list for something or our children get discount from the private university. Sound nice doesn't it?

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