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Memory or Eloy

On January 7th 2007, I got a text message while I was eating. I had a usual Sundaydinner out with my husband. It was sent by one of the mothers of my scholars. She told me, 'Eloy was taken to the hospital in an ambulance'.

The message was written in Cebuano (the local language in Cebu), so it was too hard for me to understand. I asked my driver, Noy Pilo to call the mother. After calling, he said 'Eloyhad gone, because of a traffic accident'.

We immediately went home. I called Ate Mako and Chang to tell them what had happened. After that Noy Pilo and I rushed to Sto. Nino. It was very hard for me to accept the news. I muttered 'I can't believe it. It must be a joke'. When we arrived at Sto. Nino, I was told that his body was laid in the hospital.

At the hospital we met his mother, Marivic. She brought us to the end of the darkcorridor. Eloy was wrapped in a big black plastic bag. I cried and asked him, 'What'swrong with you? Eloy, wake up!!', but he never answered.

A special child died only 7 years old. The compensation offered by the ownerof the car was only 5000 Philippine pesos ($100.00). No amount of money would bring Eloy back to his mother. But it sounds too small. I asked my friends about the compensation, and we agreed with 40,000 pesos ($800.00) and the expenses of the funeral.

I still can not accept the fact that the driver was released the next day after the accident. He only had to pay the settlement and then he was free. Even Eloy's relative and friends told me, 'I feel pity of the driver. It's an accident.

If Eloy hadn't been playing near the road, the accident could have been prevented. We should consider the family of the driver'. Even now I can not agree with them. But I can't do anything about this matter, because the driver was protected by the law.

Eloy was born in one of the poorest families. His mother, Marivic could not afford preschool. It was very hard for him to read and write, when he started to go to school. On the first day of the school, the teacher wrote on the blackboard what students must have prepared. Students had to copy this. I can not imagine how Eloy couldmanage this.

Although it must have been very hard for him, he tried to do his best. Once I saw himin school, he looked so serious. I've never seen such a look of determination. This isone of the unforgettable memories of him. He always went straight home after school to sell candles in front of Sto.Nino Church. Many children buy some snacks with profits, but according to Eloy's grandmother, he always gave her his money to buy her medicines.

Although we can not hug and hear his voice anymore, we will not forget him. Wewill not forget that he loved to go to school. He will be an example to other children.They should study and help their families, too.

It is too hard for us to commemorate the day he died, so we have a special meeting on March 22 when he was born.

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