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Graduation day

On March 31, 2007 Chang came to Cebu expressly to attend the graduation, because it was the first experience for us to attend the graduation of our scholars. The graduates were Archie Englatera and Reynald Tapil. Of course both of them are our good friends, but Archie is one of our special friends, because we have known him for a long time.

At first we attended the graduation of Reynald in Tiza 1 Elementary School. All of the graduates were wearing the white gowns and square caps. They sang and danced, then we listened to the congratulatory speeches of the guest and the principal. In Japan the graduation is solemn, so I was surprised that it was so cheerful and merry. I was impressed that all graduates gave thank you letters to their parents. I wonder what Reynald wrote to his parents. If I had got such a wonderful letter, it would make me cry.

In the afternoon we went to Alaska Elementary School to attend the graduation of Archie. The principal gave special ribbons or medals to children who got good grades or had a good attitude. It was their parent's job to put the awards on their children's chest. Of course Archie also got some. When he went to the dais, he invited me to put them on his chest. I didn't expect to be asked such an important role, so my heart was full of deep emotion. Memories of his elementary school days flashed back in rapid succession. I nearly wept with joy.

To celebrate their graduation, Chang and I invited them and their mothers to the buffet. We also invited Aljhon Ortiz who will be our new scholar. Aljhon is the best friend of Archie. They planned to go to the same high school. The young boys were always very hungry, so I was very happy to see that they could eat more than I expected. We really enjoyed this occasion. After eating we gave them souvenirs and went home.

All of them passed the exam of the high school, and they are enjoying their school life.
Of course they are doing well at school. In addition Archie is the only one who got the reward for perfect attendance in our scholarship.

Although they hope to go to universities, we are not sure if we can afford to pay for the school fee. We are struggling now. But we believe that we still have time to find the resources to send them.

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