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History of EMS

August, 2000
Romi moved to Cebu due to the assignment of her husband. She used to work as a care worker in Japan, so she started to take care of old people in the GASA SA GUGMA, which is run by Mother Teresa's group.

February, 2003
Chang moved to Cebu due to the assignment of her husband.

March, 2003
Mutual friend of ours introduced Chang to Romi. Chang was looking for someone who did volunteer work.

April, 2004
Chang went to the City Hall to meet the mayor of Cebu City. She asked him how she could help. The mayor introduced her to some Filipinas who were teaching open-air classes in front of the Sto.Nino Church. Chang took part in this group.

June, 2003
Maura entered Tejero Elementary School with Chang's support.
She was the first scholar.

Summer, 2003
All the group members, except Chang found jobs and stopped doing volunteer work. Romi took part in the open-air classes. It was too hard for two foreigners, Chang and Romi, to teach in the open-air classes. So we tried to find something to do. We decided to make them bathe at least once a week. There were so many children who didn't bathe everyday, because of a parental neglect. Their clothes were filthy dirty too, so we washed their clothes while they were bathed. At this time Ate Mako took part in the group. She called herself the laundry woman.

June, 2004
Maria, who is an elder sister of Maura, was supported in school by Chang.
She used to go to school during the day time and worked as a house-maid and a baby sitter before and after school in the countryside. But the employer refused to pay her anymore. So she came to Cebu City to ask for mother's help.

August, 2004
Chang went back to Japan due to family reasons. We had a dream of continuing to support of Maria, Maura and many other poor children.

June, 2005
We asked our relatives, and friends to support the poor children. We could support 16 students. Mam Michiko was one of the sponsors.

June, 2006
We continued to support 14 elementary school students, and 2 high school students. Some of our scholars were dropped and so we accepted some new students as our scholars.

January, 2007
The youngest scholar, Eloy was dead because of the traffic accident. We didn't
want to forget him, so our group was named after him.

February, 2007
Chang found the photo of Eloy in the website of CEC by accident. We sent an
E-mail to the president of CEC, Kuya Min to ask if he had any other photos of Eloy.

April, 2007
Chang came to Cebu to attend the graduation of our first graduate. We were
deeply moved.

June, 2007
We supported 8 daycare children, 21 elementary school students, and 3 high school students.

August, 2007
Romi went back to Japan due to the assignment of her husband. Noy Pilo decided to continue his work as a local staff.
May, 2008
We established nonprofit organization ELOY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP
in Nagano, Japan where Chang lives.
Chang was installed as a president. Romi, Ate Mako, Kuya Min and Mam Michiko were installed as directors. Mr. Yamagishi was installed as an inspector.

June, 2008
Chang and Romi visited Cebu to sign contracts for the school year 2008-2009 with all the scholars and parents.
Lito and Margie joined us as local staff.

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