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Memory or Eloy

The place where children are gathering
There are so many street vendors around Sto Nino Church. If you want to see the scholars of EMS and their siblings, you should go to a certain place.

Where it is?
First find the Magellan Cross, and then find the ATM of BPI (BANK OF THE PHILLIPINE ISLANDS). You can find my young friends between the Magellan Crossand the ATM of BPI.

Of course there are so many other vendors site. None of them know me, so they ask meto buy candles. Sometimes they are so insistent that I don't know what to do. But I know how you can deal with our children. You should just say 'I'm a friend of Romi' or ' I'm a friend of Chang'. They will never demand you to buy candles. But they will say to you, 'let's play together'. How wonderful it is!!!

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