We strive for the future of children
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We welcome new members to support our children

Our activities are supported by peopleDWe provide for school expenses for elementary school (6years) and high school(4years). It is very important for children to finish high school so that they are employable. We ask the benefactors to support the specific beneficiaries.

You can choice how to support children.

1. To be a supporting member $50.00 / year
You don't need to have a specific beneficiary. The money you give us is used for the activities of EMS.
We will send you the news letter via internet.
If you want to attend the Social Issues Awareness Experience (SIAE), we will offer you a special discount.

2. To be a regular member for an elementary student $125.00 / year
a high school student $180.00 / year

For this amount of money, one child can go to school for one year. This includes school expenses, a uniform, a pair of shoes, a bag and stationeries. We will send you the profile of the child and his/her family, letters from the child, photos, a copy of his/her report card and so on. You can also send letters and your photos to the child.
If you would like to visit Cebu City to see your child, we will help you.

****We can NOT accept any personal gift or money to be fair for all children.

3. Any amount of donation is welcomed.
We will use your donation for emergencies (ex. medicine, condolence money for fire or funeral).

4. Would you like to join the Social Issues Awareness Experience?
You will become of a part of their community. Playing, talking and studying with the children and their families. You will experience their hardships and see how they overcome them. Even though they are so poor, they are always smiling and cheerful. You will have an unforgettable Social Issues Awareness Experience.
The profit will be used for the activities for the children.

If you are interested in our activities, please send us an e-mail to learn more about the details. We will reply as soon as possible.

Thank you for participation.

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