We strive for the future of children
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Eloy Memorial Scholarship, known as EMS is a registered Non Profit Organization funded by Japanese whose objects are for the benefit of less fortunate children in Cebu City, Phillipines: EMS aims to ensure all children live in a secure and safe environment, without violence, sexual abuse, trafficking, and exploitation.

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Place where you find our children
Our history

About Eloy
NGO status in Cebu

Bitty's Birthday
Graduation day
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Study Tour to Cebu
EMS organises Social Issues Awareness Experience for people who are interested in coming to Cebu to see our children and to work with local NGO organizations. (more details TBA)
EMS Membership
We welcome new members to support our children.(how to support EMS
EMS introducing our children

Our children, we look after about 20 children as of October 2012
Children's pictures

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