EMS理事 飯田陽平

初めまして。2020年の6月よりEMSの理事に就任しました、飯田陽平です。 この度EMSの理事に選ばれたことを大変光栄に、そして嬉しく思います。 この場をお借りして、私の経歴とEMSとの関係を簡単に紹介させていただきます。




私自身、EMSの子供たちからはいつも元気をもらっています。EMSの皆様のサポートと共に、子供たちがしっかり勉強をしていけるよう、そしてEMSを通じ子供たちの未来が少しでも明るいものになるよう、理事としての職務に尽くしていきたいと思っております。 皆様どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。

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Hi! My name is Yohei Iida. I’m very honoured and excited to announce that I have been chosen as a new board member of EMS since June 2020. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself briefly and explain how I met EMS.

I was born and grew up in Ina city in Nagano prefecture in Japan. Following graduation of my bachelor, I worked in Canada and Japan as a videographer and driver. In 2016, I joined a two-year volunteer programme under the Japanese government to worked as a community development officer in India to support socio-economic improvement of silk farmers. After the two years, I have joined a masters programme in a university in Sweden and studying about international development. I am expected to graduate in January 2021.

In March 2014, through one of our board member, Ms. Yamagishi, I first knew about EMS. When I met EMS, I immediately decided to join because I have been interested in cultures and issues in the world since I was young. In the same year as I joined, I had an opportunity to go to the Philippines and meet our scholars.

I saw positive and vibrant energy of children at there, but at the same time, I saw first-hand the educational and societal inequalities facing children and families. Then I felt that I have wanted to do something to change this situation.

That is why, I joined the volunteer programme and my masters, and the feeling I’ve got is still my key motivation driving myself to address those inequalities. I’m always getting positive energy from children of EMS.

With the supports from all of EMS members, I would like to do my best as a board member to ensure all of the children can enjoy their study and making positive influence on their lives.


Yohei Iida

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