去年の12月にRed Cross Youth の志願をしました、クリニックに行って志願書をだしどのように赤十字ボランティアになれるのかのオリエンに参加しました。初日はとにかく志願者の数を減らすためのトレーニングでした。私はもしだめならあきらめようとも思ったし、でも、諦めたら自分のいままでの時間を無駄にしてしまうと思いました。きついトレーニングで毎回トレーニングのあとは体中が痛くなります。今これでやめてしまったら今までの苦労が消えてしまうとおもいました。


トレーニングの内容は内密なのでくわしく説明することはできませんが毎回厳しくなっていました。いまは私が行っているAbellana National School 学校の赤十字ユースの代表からの発表を待っています。



All about RCY (Red Cross Youth)

I was an aspirant last year of December, I went to the clinic and filled up the form together while attending the orientation of how things will be while being an aspirant. Day 0 was the elimination, actually every training there was an elimination round. I thought to myself that if I can’t handle the training anymore then I’ll just quit, at the same time I also thought that the days I trained would be going to waste if I’d quit.

I’ve put a lot of hard work and I’ve put up with the hard training, every time the training was done I’d go home with my body all sore and it would went on for days so if I quit then I’ll just waste those efforts.

We started off as having 320 aspirants and out of those 320 I did not expect that I’ll be one of the 17 aspirants to pass the license exam. During the last training which was day 7, the aspirants left was only 20 or 25 and only 17 passed the license exam.

I can’t get into the details of the training since it is confidential, but all I can say is that the training was getting harder every time. I am only waiting for the announcement of the RCY president at Abellana National School which is where I study, hopefully the graduation will be announced soon.

I am very proud of myself for passing and putting up with the harsh training, I can finally call myself a red cross volunteer. I joined the organization because I was interested in the training and I wanted to challenge myself to pass my limit, although the training was harsher than training the Wushu or Arnis since we had to be prepared mentally and emotionally. Now after I receive my official uniform and license, I can finally have an achievement I can be proud of.